Labcorp provides a Patient Portal where patients may go online to see their lab results. This is a simple and secure method of accessing their medical records. Data from Labcorp’s Patient Portal is as follows:

  • Within one to seven days after a test is performed, the findings will be posted on the patient site.
  • A PDF version of the patient’s findings is available for viewing and download.
  • There will be information on the kind of test administered, when it was administered, and what is considered normal for that particular exam.
  • When a result doesn’t make sense, it’s highlighted in red and explained in more detail.
  • In addition, patients may access their whole set of test results and observe their progress over time.
  • Keep in mind that the patient portal may not include all test findings. A healthcare physician may need to offer further counselling or interpretation for some tests, such as genetic testing, before they may be given to the patient.
  • In addition, there are jurisdictions whose laws prohibit direct patient disclosure of certain laboratory findings. Patients may need to ask their doctors for test results in certain situations.

It is recommended that patients should discuss their test findings with their doctor for a thorough understanding of the implications. A patient may utilise the patient portal’s messaging tool to contact their healthcare practitioner with questions or concerns regarding their test findings or to schedule an appointment to discuss the results in further detail.

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