Steward Connect and Athena are both healthcare technology companies, but they are different from each other.Both companies want to make healthcare better and more efficient by connecting patients with healthcare providers and making it easy for them to talk to each other and share medical records. However, they are not directly connected to each other.

The patient portal for Steward Connect is part of the larger Steward Connect healthcare technology platform, which is run by Steward Health Care, a physician-led health care services organization.Athena’s patient portal is a part of the larger AthenaNet healthcare technology platform, which is run by Athena health, a company that helps manage medical records and collect payments.

Patients who want to use a patient portal to access their medical records and talk to their healthcare providers should talk to their healthcare providers to find out which platform their provider’s office uses. Once they know which platform is being used, they can follow the appropriate steps to register for and access the patient portal.

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